- Berchemia discolor, bird plum -

The‡huis is a medium-sized tree which occurs singly throughout Etosha. When ripe, the drupes (fleshy fruit) of this tree, which are a rich source of vitamin C, turn orange, and become sweet. Hai||om used to collect ‡huin (the drupes) in large quantities and dry them, which intensified their sweetness. They could be stored for many months, to be available when other fruit and berries had become scarce. ‡Huin are regarded as a delicacy; today, they are sometimes sold in small cups on the streets of Namibian towns.

Animals of the Hai||om

Many utensils and tools necessary for daily life were made out of animal material. Find a complete list of the animlas which were used by the Hai||om.


Plants of the Hai||om

The Hai||om know hundred of plants for many uses, for example as bush food, medicine and poison for their arrows.


Places of the Hai||om

Before the Hai||om had access to drilled boreholes, the hunter-gatherers were profoundly reliant on natural water sources, where they often erected their permanent settlements.

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